A Brief History of Wokeism

From a word used to denote awakening against racism, it morphed into an extremist ideology of justice against all majority oppressions, intermittently tasting power in the real world

The Fallacy of a George Floyd Moment in India

Can something so intrinsically tied to one country’s history be transplanted to another geography and polity?

Our Lives Matter

Efforts to instigate social conflicts have failed because of the resolve of Indian society to uphold inclusiveness

Loyalty and Longing

An immigrant’s tale in London raises ethical questions

The United Rage of America

The US has been gripped by its worst social unrest since 1968

They, too, sang America

Four centuries of the African-American journey

Hydroxychloroquine: Collateral Medicine

A supposed wonder drug is now refashioning global politics because of the pandemic

Uncle Sam Goes Viral

A footloose economy, decentralised democracy and an incompetent president have made America especially vulnerable


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