The Toxic Nexus

Brahma Chellaney

Joe Biden’s blunder fosters a China-Russia friendship and an American nightmare

The Liar Who Told the Truth

Steve Coll’s new book shows how mutual misunderstandings led to the 2003 US invasion of Iraq and its catastrophic aftermath

America after Biden-Trump

Both Republicans and Democrats face a leadership crisis

A Lethal Impasse in Gaza

What is the way out as the international pressure on Israel mounts and the humanitarian crisis deepens?

The Global Swing State

India can play the bridge-builder in a divided world

So Long, Partner

Falling out of love with cowboys and the myth of the Old West

Israel’s Unwinnable War

Time is running out for Netanyahu and his allies

Who’s Afraid of Sundar Iyer?

The Hindu coalitions of America lead caste reforms

Look Who’s Seeking the Final Solution Now

Hamas has committed a crime against humanity. Peace cannot be Israel’s responsibility alone

Intimations of an Asian Century

India is biding its time but not hiding its strength


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