Who’s Afraid of Sundar Iyer?

Makarand R Paranjape

The Hindu coalitions of America lead caste reforms

Look Who’s Seeking the Final Solution Now

Hamas has committed a crime against humanity. Peace cannot be Israel’s responsibility alone

Intimations of an Asian Century

India is biding its time but not hiding its strength

‘Israel will aim to destroy Hamas’ military capabilities’

In conversation with Israeli political scientist and army veteran Dr Ahron Bregman

Expansion of BRICS a huge setback to the world order dominated by the US: Prof Wolff

Thanks to six new members, BRICS represents more than half of the world’s population and 43% of global oil production

Pakistan army’s supremacy can be traced to how early rulers sought to overcome disadvantages with India: Ayesha Jalal

In the first decade of independence, Pakistan’s top leadership solicited the assistance of the US and joined anti-Soviet security alliances

Pakistani army will in due course have a pact with Imran Khan: Christine Fair

The Pakistani armed forces will not want a coup as it will then be directly responsible for all the wrongdoing, notes the American military scholar

The Power Point

India is a sensible bet for the West to counter China

Blue Chip

With the US and China engaged in a trade war over semiconductors, India is stepping up to take a slice of the global business


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