Jason Bourne: The Nameless One

Kaveree Bamzai

Part of America’s outlaw tradition, he lets his fists and guns do the talking

Three Cheers for the Quad

Perhaps the most underplayed agreement in Tokyo is the Indo-Pacific Partnership for Maritime Domain Awareness (IPMDA)

Heavy Mettle

India’s geopolitical options have expanded despite Ukraine

India’s America Test

How to survive the new US-led unilateralism

America’s Sepoys

The West has trained its diplomatic guns on India

The Ball Swings India’s Way

New Delhi keeps away from the turmoil in Pakistan, preferring to watch from a distance the steady ebbing of Islamabad’s strategic clout

Imran Khan: The Reckoning

Imran Khan had one ingrained virtue. He was breathtakingly sincere. But good intentions do not constitute good governance. Like an amateur, he overestimated his abilities when he needed wile or guile as strategy. On his day of judgment, Imran compared his predicament to that of Imam Hussain. The messiah may be faltering, but the messiah complex is alive and well

Madeleine Albright (1937-2022): History’s Diplomat

America’s first woman secretary of state shaped the 20th century’s last world-defining moment

Putin’s Apologists

The joint custodians of a revisionist morality in which Ukraine's tragedy is an abstraction

The New World Disorder

A new multipolar structure of autonomous alliances beckons India


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