India’s IPEF move builds strategic coalitions to counter China

Siddharth Singh

New Delhi does not sign trade component but in sync on supply chains, clean energy

A Passage to the Company?

An encounter with the Kafkaesque British visa regime

China’s Poisoned Chalice

The Taiwan crisis could not have come at a worse time for Xi Jinping

Who Wants Salman Rushdie Killed?

Thirty-three years after the fatwa, the author of the Satanic Verses was grievously injured in an assassination attempt at a literary event in New York. The attack, by a 24-year-old man inspired by the forces unleashed by the late Ayatollah Khomeini, reminds the world how alive is the murderous fury of radical Islam against the freedom of ideas and imagination

Why Nobody, Not Even a Ruthless Murderer, Can Surprise Rushdie

The author recalls his meeting with the celebrated and charming author over a decade ago, his wit, scholarship and tremendous willpower

The Age of Asia

Alarm bells are already ringing in Washington and London

America After Roe vs Wade

Conservative judges have inflamed the culture war by scrapping the constitutional right to abortion

Jason Bourne: The Nameless One

Part of America’s outlaw tradition, he lets his fists and guns do the talking


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