The Dream Work of America

Vinay Lal

The myth of the indispensable nation

Exile and the Kingdom

The writer who famously took India to America was his own biggest story

Convenient Histories

Pandemic or not, the past is prologue

David Davidar

Publisher and author

Terra Infirma

What still mattered most was how the US and China dealt with each other

Banking on Biden

The new president’s China policy will shape India’s cooperation and Beijing’s behaviour in Asia

Unfree Verse

What a $1 million grant for social justice poetry says about the dangers to creativity today

Dreams From Obama

Obama's promised land is a hurt and a reward, and maybe that’s how it should be for an American who carries within him the sighs and joys of other cultures

Banana Republic, Richard II and Tughlaq

Hopefully, the US will redeem itself under Biden

The Liberal Waterloo

By destroying everything between the individual and the state, neo-liberals have signed their own death warrant


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