Amartya Sen

Amartya Sen: ‘There’s a sense of fear in India today’

Aresh Shirali

Amartya Sen in conversation with Aresh Shirali. Photographs by Rohit Chawla

The Great Big Indian Library

Rohan Murty launched his ambitious new venture, The Murty Classical Library of India, a philanthropic initiative in collaboration with Harvard University Press

The Value of History

There is a lot that Bihar can learn from its glorious past to solve problems currently plaguing the state

Jagdish Bhagwati: Noble if not Nobel

Seven reasons why this economist did not win the Prize

“I don’t know what Socialism means”

Amartya Sen - an amiable man in the dismal science

Man of No Formula

Amartya Sen’s foreword doesn’t demystify Polanyi.

Rawlsian Relay

Amartya Sen declares the Ideal State useless. But four months on, its resilience as an idea begins to intrigue

The Statistical Pursuit of Happiness

Amartya Sen and others have convinced France that measuring the joy of a nation is as important as calculating its GDP. But why does this make you smirk?


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