alternate medicine

Therapists’ Tantra

V Shoba

Practitioners of alternative medicine are worried miracle cures for Covid-19 may damage their reputation

Whose Herb Is It Anyway?

As India and China fight for ownership of the ancient practice of Sowa Rigpa, there is just one inconvenient fact. It belongs to Tibetans

Alternative Therapy Alert

The synergy of modern and traditional medicine can make India a world leader

Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna: Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Whatever one may say about Baba Ramdev’s spiritualism and politics, it is impossible to dismiss his success as an entrepreneur

Yogic Nonsense

Why a minister’s cure for cancer is worse than the disease

The Sugar Pill That Doesn’t Work

How the Indian government wastes valuable public money by promoting homeopathy for healthcare.


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