Alia Bhatt

Gagan Dev Riar: Not Asking for Much

Kaveree Bamzai

There’s no shortage of offers though

The Kings and Queens of Mumbai

Will Hindi films return to form this year?

Is There Anything Alia Bhatt Can’t Do?

She has delivered a solo Rs 100-crore hit, turned producer with a new Netflix movie, and completed a Hollywood project

How Dynasties Rule Bollywood

A marriage brings out the clan power in the Hindi film industry

Dysfunctionally Functional

What seems progressive in one era may well seem retrograde in another

Every Woman’s a Tigress

For Indian movies, these are still radical ideas, and who better than Balan, in her unsmiling, solitary alter ego, to articulate them?

Atmanirbhar Heroes

Mirroring the flourishing genre of Indian epic fiction in literature, the film industry hopes to bring to the big screen these made-in-India offerings

The Star and Actor

The new order of stardom

A Turbulent Year

The pandemic meant that Ranbir’s marriage to his girlfriend Alia Bhatt, which was planned to take place in December, was postponed

Special Performance

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt on screen together


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