Alia Bhatt

The Charmer

Rajeev Masand

Five figures who have shaped the last decade in Bollywood

Star Chemistry

Fortune Cookie | Curtain Eraser

Spaced Out

Bhatt, Seriously | The Final Cut

Kalank Movie Review

It is a multi-star movie, with actors trapped into delivering theatrical lines that make their personas unrecognisable

As Good as Your Word

Lucky Dog | Off-Screen Chemistry

Creative Exchanges

A Fanboy Moment | The Issue of Trust


Status Update | Every Actor’s Bugbear

Gully Boy Movie Review

A refreshingly different film on a subject not normally trodden by mainstream cinema

The New Heart-Throb

Kangana’s Grouse | The Surprise Patch-Up

Sonakshi’s True Calling

Kat on a Hot Tin Roof | Under the Radar


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