Blood in the Sand

Kriti M Shah

A line drawn in Afghanistan which changed the history of the subcontinent forever

Man on the Run

A brisk and informative account of Osama bin Laden’s years in hiding after 9/11

ISI: The Evil Within

The ISI will continue to be a regional menace

In Pursuit of Honour

The story of an Afghan woman hunted for the crime of taking control of her own life

Kabul Calling

Ravaged by war, terror and bad politics, Afghanistan is waiting for a new life after the withdrawal of American troops

Big Dreams in an Impossible Job

Can Ashraf Ghani save Afghanistan? The new President in conversation with James Astill

The Jihadi Chic

The videotape jihad has been replaced by the YouTube jihad, and the geography of revolution has shifted from Afghanistan to Syria

Bring back some imperialism please

Political Islam triumphs because freedom is an idea that no longer appeals to leaders of the so-called free world

How to Frame the Taliban

A veteran of many wars, photojournalist Robert Nickelsberg found Afghan terrain tricky, the language unfamiliar and the recklessness scary. Yet, he kept returning to document it all


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