1975 Emergency

Was Emergency Inevitable?

Ravi Visvesvaraya Sharada Prasad

Indira Gandhi was planning it from January 1975, long before the Allahabad High Court judgment


On Emergency, media, realtors and Nusrat Jahan

George Fernandes: The Last Street Fighter

In the end, the erstwhile action hero of Indian politics was left with no cause except his own relevance 

It’s the Ideology, Stupid!

The twists and turns of an Indian political plot

The Rise of Hindu Populism

From Indira Gandhi to Narendra Modi

Power Portrait

A graphic tribute to Indira Gandhi


The Emergency, its victims and TV news anchors today

The Original Mrs G

A portrait of Indira Gandhi as a strong leader and formidable woman

Has China Won the Bread Versus Freedom Debate?

The old debate has taken a new twist with the publication of a new book which argues that Chinese authoritarianism is superior to Indian democracy

Emergency: 25. 06. 1975

The fall of Mrs G after the Emergency was India’s introduction to the mortality of the maximum leader


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