1971 India-Pakistan War

Monkey Business

Arunima Mazumdar

A dream-like sequence, set around two boys, of the history of Bangladesh

The Architecture of Atonement

What Germany could teach Pakistan about admitting genocide

Fifty Shades Of Khaki

The real reason Pakistan banned Hamoodur Rehman’s report on the 1971 war

My Father’s War

The liberation of Bangladesh and the passions of the past

The Triumph of Realpolitik

As Bangladesh turns fifty, India learns to count on its friendly neighbour

Bangladesh Satyagraha

A week-long satyagraha that the Jana Sangh, the BJP’s previous avatar, had launched in 1971 to demand official recognition for the yet-to-be-born Bangladesh

1971 India-Pakistan War: Memory as Peacemaker

Return to the popular history of the 1971 India-Pakistan war


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