How Sabarimala Changed Kerala’s Politics

The Left Government has learnt its lesson, but the state has lost its outlier status

God Against Libido

Where’s the reformer who will nail a thesis on the door of the Catholic Church?

Sabarimala: A Trek Too Far

How women who tried to go to Sabarimala after the Supreme Court judgment were forced to return by devotees who used children as shields

Sabarimala: A Matter of Faith

Why the dissenting judgment is right

Divine Right

Caught between God, women and law, Kerala is still debating

Cardinal Error in Kerala

A land scam puts the head of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, India’s largest and oldest, in a bad spot. How long can he resist a fall from grace?

The Truth about Love Jihad

The dangers of conversion by other means

Between Man and God

Dalit priests have found acceptance in neighbouring Kerala, but in Tamil Nadu, will the wait ever end for non-Brahmins to enter the sanctum sanctorum?

Dushyanth Sridhar: The Cool Evangelist of Hinduism

When this evangelist is at play, Hinduism is pretty cool—and fun


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