The Problem of Plenty

V Shoba

With too many commitments and contenders, Karnataka’s Congress government has to get its balancing act right

Soft Power Down Under

India’s thriving film industry and popular culture

Contested Homelands

In Manipur, old histories of distrust and apprehensions of losing territory to other ethnic communities have meant that peace remains fragile

A Preface to the Future

Minority appeasement has paid off but how far will Congress go?

The Price of Populism

Congress’ five social guarantees can jeopardise the state’s fiscal health

Breaking the Deadlock

How the leadership brawl between Karnataka’s two tallest Congress leaders ended in Siddaramaiah’s favour

How BJP Missed and Congress Scored

There are lessons from Karnataka for both parties ahead of the 2024 General Election

Cong wins big in Karnataka as BJP ‘double engine’ stalls

Grass roots anger over price rise, factional frictions hurt BJP while Congress gains by exploiting incumbency and focussing on local discontent.

Nitish’s Misplaced Mission

It will take more than the Bihar chief minister’s enthusiasm to ensure opposition unity

Guarding the Citadel

BJP takes calculated risks to retain its coastal stronghold. Reports from Dakshina Kannada


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