In search of the real Savarkar

Manu S Pillai

The making of a revolutionary

Missing in Action

Hasan Suroor’s call to moderate Muslims for introspection

Notes of Misadventure

Shubha Mudgal marks her fiction debut with a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek collection of stories set in the Hindustani classical music world

Margaret Atwood: The New Testament

Margaret Atwood’s sequel to her cult novel is marked by the same urgency of cultural zeitgeist and prophetic resonance that made the publication of the original a literary event 34 years ago

Creatures Great and Small

Beastly tales in fiction

Brotherhood of Broken Boys

Colson Whitehead’s The Nickel Boys bears powerful witness to brutality and oppression that are all too real

In Search of Meaning

Poems where the tender is in conversation with the political

Dalit Life and Thought

Suraj Yengde delivers lessons on caste and race with a rare liveliness

The Meek Must Protect the Earth

Four novels answer the question of justice and law


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