Chasing the Elephant’s Shadow

Rahul Pandita

Badri Narayan’s book throws new light on the RSS. The author tells Rahul Pandita how the organisation is trying to inculcate a vision of modernity coupled with traditional wisdom

‘Bleed Out Your Truth’

Vismaya Mohanlal’s debut collection of poems and paintings reflects her search for meaning and identity

The Born Identity

A personal history of Islam in India

Capital Caper

Anuja Chauhan sets her whodunnit in Delhi’s toniest club

Scandinavia, A to Z

The real-life world of Nordic noir

Feasting on Fear

Inside the subcontinent’s house of spirits

Ocean of Stories

The magical realism of a Sanskrit classic retold

Into the Wild

A world between man and beast

The Future of Love

The undiminished solar power of Kazuo Ishiguro’s imagination

The Amritsar Massacre

An account of the carnage that shook the country in 1919, and wounded its consciousness


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