Gagandeep Singh Sapra

Thumbs up to HTC for bringing this product out

Canon SX 200 IS

Good build quality, great pictures, very good image handling at lower ISOs and a great flash. Not a camera worth missing

Look Ma! I’m Hot

What would your infant say if he were running a temperature? But this dress can scream, ‘Hey, he’s running a fever’

4TB of storage

The My Book dual drive has more storage than you could fill up in years on end. Good thing it has a five year warranty

Back to the Future

Engine upgrades are a common way to reclaim old cars. Here’s another option—the electric engine

May the Force…

At 7.5 ft by 4.5 ft, weighing about 600 kg and a pre-customs tag of Rs 5.5 crore plus—it’s the biggest plasma screen ever

Hybrid Bicycle

Powered by electricity and muscle power, these bicycles could either make you lazy or turn you into a biking enthusiast

Clutter Buster

The UM 710 Mimo Monitor offers the extra space you need to keep your most-used apps at hand

Max Phone

This HTC Max 4G will be a collectors’ item soon. It is the first 4G phone to the market. But don’t import it just yet


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