iPod Rerun

Gagandeep Singh Sapra

The iPod Nano can do things that no other portable media player (unless you think your cellphone is one) can. It’s time to bite the Apple.

Timex Expedition

This watch is also a gadget that can help me record all my achievements on a hiking trip: altitude, temperature range during the hike and the atmospheric pressure

New MacBook Pro

You can now finally buy a MacBook with an SD card or PC Express slot. For the first time, Apple notebooks can have a maximum of 8GB RAM

Wireless Walkman

The earphones and player are not wirelessly connected, they’re built into the head band. It’s more expensive than other Mp3 players, but hey, it’s a Sony

Atom-based Vaio

If you always wanted a Vaio, but did not want to take a loan to buy it, check this out.

Cool Cam

The HDC HS20 from Panasonic may seem expensive, but if you are looking for a next generation camcorder, this is a safe investment.

HTC Magic

If you do not want an Apple and found the other iPhone killers to be nowhere near what all you wanted, get your hands on this one

MapMyIndia Light

It comes at a price point that’s affordable for all car users. So if you were waiting for GPS prices to come into reach, here is what you were waiting for

Nivio Companion

Finally something that can be put to use anywhere you need a spare PC, without the price of licences for software and the effort to guard against viruses and crashes

Acer Aspire Timeline

A great machine if you are looking for your next powerful and light laptop that has all-day battery power


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