General Election 2019

Via Wayanad

Shahina KK

Rahul gives the Congress a boost in Kerala

General Election 2019: Quote Hanger

“Nowhere in history will you find Hindus involved in subversive activities. Even the Britishers never mentioned them as terrorists,” says Narendra Modi

No Time for Abu Dhabi

Image Consultants | A Historic Turn | Rahul’s Economist | Priyanka’s Space | Calling on the Old Guard | Didi Does Care

Andhra Pradesh: Hot War

V Shoba reports on the unequal fight in Andhra Pradesh where the TDP of Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu struggles against a resurgent YSR Congress led by Jagan Mohan Reddy

Intimately Priyanka

Aditya Iyer finds out how the Gandhi mystique plays out on a campaign trail

Pawan Kalyan: ‘Naidu has lost control of governance’

V Shoba in conversation with Pawan Kalyan

Maharashtra: Swing and Sway

The paradox of alliances and other unknowns in Maharashtra

Will its Hindu revivalist past haunt West Bengal’s future?

Ullekh NP travels across a state where the social base of one of India’s strongest regional leaders faces the challenge of subterranean Hindutva

The Last Battle of the Long Marchers

It may be the final act in the political theatre for these war-scarred veterans

Death of Chemistry

The mistrust within the Congress-JDS coalition adds to BJP’s advantage in Karnataka


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