You’re Sold!

Hartosh Singh Bal

How does it feel to know that the seller knows your mind better than you know yourself? And this isn’t science fiction either.

Money Grows on Trees

Believe it or not, entrepreneur Vibhu Natarajan exports palm trees to West Asia. Because gardens need to be grown overnight.

The Ballad of Gangu Teli

There’s more to Raja Bhoj, and even Gandhi, if we look at them from a Dalit perspective.

Secret Lives of Sex Gurus

They’re women. And they counsel readers on their most terrible insecurities. Who are they, and should we trust their advice?

Red Earth and Pouring Grain

The Green revolution may not be enough. As India stares at a terminal food crisis, it’s time for a grain revolution. And our ancient millets might just be the gleaming superfoods of the future. Good for our tired soil and undernourished stomachs.

The Death Debate

While we debate the merits of euthanasia, while well-meaning emotion battles hard-headed reason, Aruna Shanbag languishes in her vegetative state in a hospital bed. It’s been 40 years. Get your head around it.

“We cannot afford not to be here”

Only five out of 50 luxury Indian hotels passed the quality audit of acclaimed hospitality association Relais & Châteaux. Announcing the India launch of Relais & Châteaux, Jaume Tapies, international president, and Jacques-Olivier Chauvin, CEO, spoke to Open on why India is uppermost on their minds.

His Inner Demons

For 40 long hours, a house in a small village 25 km from Uttar Pradesh’s capital Lucknow became a battlezone. Inside a single room, a man fought two fierce battles—one with the police and another with himself.

Once a Comrade

What does it take to start a revolution, then turn your back on it? What does it mean to believe, then to disbelieve? Former Naxalites on why they left the red path.

Business Briefing 27/02

Railway Budget as Her Manifesto; All Bets are Off, Almost


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