Mumbai’s Transport Makeover Gets a Kickstart

Madhavankutty Pillai

By the end of this year, an underground line covering most of the main city is expected to be operational

Reimagining Dharavi

After multiple failed attempts, the redevelopment of Asia’s largest slum is underway

MM Keeravani: The Rhythm Yogi

A well-deserved global award after a lifetime of composing music

The Tragedy of Hockey

On the muted enthusiasm before the World Cup in India

All That Went Wrong on 26/11

A man of unwavering integrity, KM Chandrasekhar’s instinct was to help people and back the right causes while navigating the pulls and pressures of a coalition government

Why ChatGPT is right and wrong about biryani

It is a main course often served in tiffin boxes. It originated in Iran, but became a rice dish in the Indian subcontinent

Wealth In Waiting

Why nonperforming assets are an opportunity for buyers and banks

The Mark of Motherhood

Heeraba Modi was extraordinary in her simplicity, resilience and capacity for love

Shiva Chauhan: No Vertical Limit

The first female officer at Siachen proves women can rise in the armed forces

Slaying an Old Demon

Without doubt, demon significantly spurred the formalisation of the Indian economy


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