Modi In 2024

Minhaz Merchant

How to win India and influence history

Modi’s Moment

India should use Xi Jinping’s absence from the G20 summit to promote its unifying vision for the new world order

Natural Spirit

A conversation with the biographer of God

The Aesthetics of Communication

Poetry has a civilising effect on our public conversations

The War for Asia

China studies its old map of expansion as the Ukraine war weakens Russia

The Great Disillusionment

How Western elites fell out of love with Hinduism

Healing a Wounded Civilisation

A Uniform Civil Code is not merely a legislative matter

An Unequal Music

Between the solitude of the Indian raga and the social notes of Western classical

The Rage of the Liberals

When they pushed Gandhi to the sidelines after the Chauri Chaura violence of 1922


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