Cover Story

The Future of Politics

Amita Shah and Sudeep Paul

The next round of state elections, beginning with Bihar, will be the first test of how political leadership, parties and the electorate have adapted to the changes wrought by Covid-19

A Noble Undertaking

Grave diggers and crematorium operators bring dignity to funerals diminished by Covid-19

Lockdown Lessons from Gandhi

Finding your inner hermit

An Inheritance of Loss

The past comes calling with the return of memories of deprivation

In the Diminished Realm of the Senses

How touch, hearing, taste, smell and sight have changed in this lockdown

Letting Go

A lifetime of saying goodbye to people and things—and there was still more to lose

We Are All Frugalwoods

Urban millennials have been forced to rediscover virtues that were the hallmark of India’s pre-liberalisation middle class

The Politics of Infection

The campaign against the government’s response to the pandemic has borrowed from the playbook of Chinese propaganda but has hit a wall in the trust Narendra Modi enjoys

Social Solace

How isolated Indians in the real world are connecting, inspiring and arguing in the virtual one

A Lone Exit

The final moments of a Covid-19 patient


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