Cover Story

A Desi In 10 Downing Street

James Astill

Britain’s latest Conservative prime minister—and first of Indian extraction—will at least not be burdened with high expectations. He has an impossible job

Between London and Beijing

World is better off with vulnerable leaders

Waiting for Lakshmi

The goddess of wealth is still evolving

The Millennial Model

There is more to life than money

Radhika Gupta: Wise Counsel

What the next-generation investors can learn from Radhika Gupta

The Tech Way

Digital piggy banks, music NFTs, social investing and a range of other innovative fintech products have made saving fun for Gen Z

Being Market Smart

A manual for those who intend to invest in the future

An Enchantment of Riches

How business houses reinvented India

The Pursuit of Artha

A template for austere affluence


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