Cover Stories

The Ways of the Coronavirus

Kalpish Ratna

We may never have met them if we hadn’t threatened their hosts

Budget 2020: The Right Course

Budget 2020 marks a break from the phase of expediency and presents the first draft of a coherent economic philosophy

Newer Delhi

Inside the Capital Reimagined

Capital Reasons

A brief history of transfers, name changes and ex nihilo constructions

‘They say it is raining in Kashmir’

A fire that burnt our home and consumed our lives

‘Now is the time to say Sorry’

We are sorry that we did not talk about it

Shikara: The Struggle Against Forgetting

Thirty years after the forced exodus of Kashmiri Pandits, a feature film brings out the tragedy of a community India did not care for. The apathy persists. Deputy Editor Rahul Pandita, who co-wrote the film Shikara, recounts what it means to be a Kashmiri Pandit

Constitution Vs Democracy?

Is India at a moment where its democracy is in battle with its Constitution?

Kandahar 1999: Story of a Hijacking

The first-person narrative recalls the drama that kept India awake for seven fateful nights


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