Ajit Duara

Father, son and glycerine galore. The good old filmi tearjerker is back and progeria is only the excuse. But Vidya Balan’s eyes make it all worth it.

De Dana Dan

A comedy that seems more like a tourism ad for Singapore. Is director Priyadarshan losing his talent?

See How Sweet She Sleeps

Paranormal Activity, a low-budget horror film that creeped even Steven Spielberg out, has since become an audience phenomenon. Any takers?

Twilight: New Moon

A hot male vampire is beset by teen girls with raging hormones. How does he not bite the one he loves?


As a Muslim ready to sacrifice self and community, Saif is excellent. But is the film too convincing for comfort?


Despite the big names, it’s a devious Russian, some skyscrapers and a few aircraft carriers that hold this film


A story of how an innocent is jailed becomes an unyielding critique on the prison system. Watch it in horror.

Seeing Red

Traditional filmmakers think digital cinema looks cheap. But with evolving technology, can they tell the difference between film and digital anymore?

London Dreams

A tale about the musical ambitions of two Punjabi boys. But did it need to be so opulent?

Julie and Julia

But for the sumptuous cooking and fine acting by Meryl Streep, this film is a little too cute for comfort.


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