An American Spy in Iran

Shylashri Shankar

The return of a master and the moral content of thrillers

The Tides of Terai

A family’s search for happiness on the India-Nepal border

A Doctrine of Dignity

Ashwani Kumar’s new book is a compelling argument for justice

Paths to Liberation

An aesthetic exploration of Buddhist traditions

“One of my greatest talents is as an eavesdropper,” says Twinkle Khanna

In her new collection of short stories Twinkle Khanna brings her signature wit to weighty themes. The bestselling author tells Open why she is more than Mrs Funnybones

The Survivors

Thirty stories that capture the essence of Punjabiyat

Rivers of Life

A celebration of India's water bodies and why they must be saved

No Man’s Land

Perumal Murugan’s novel wins the JCB Prize for its depiction of displacement and movement

‘Reliving your life is superior to living it,’ says Gurcharan Das

Author and corporate guru Gurcharan Das speaks about his memoir to

Power Of Powerlessness

This year’s Booker shortlist includes two debuts and reflections on race


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