Sunanda K Datta-Ray

Sunanda K Datta-Ray is a journalist and author of several books. He is an Open contributor

As a British soldier in India, 1896
What Does Mamata Banerjee Owe Winston Churchill?

The great commoner of Calcutta

05 July 2018
Donald Trump with Kim (Photo: Getty Images)
Let there Be Peace in Trump’s Kimdom

Triumph of faith over fact

14 June 2018
Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry and his fiancé Meghan Markle
Reimagining Her Majesty’s Club

Don't rule out a Meghan touch to the Commonwealth

15 March 2018
Do Men in Power Behave Badly?
Do Men in Power Behave Badly?

The Political and the Phallic

23 November 2017
Lenin addressing the crowd in Red Square, Moscow, October 1917
The Echo of the Russian Revolution in India

An October in Memory

26 October 2017
A scene from Victoria and Abdul
The Queen & Karim

An Indian Muslim in Victoria's court tells a larger story

27 September 2017
Shankar Dayal Sharma
All the President’s Mien

A brief history of the interface between the ceremonial and the political

22 June 2017
Genghiz Khan
Power and Pelf

Ten accidental globalists who were driven by the idea of conquest

14 June 2017
Travelling Back in Time with Beef Ban
Travelling Back in Time with Beef Ban

Sham taboos and politics underdone

08 June 2017
Let’s Speak in English
Let’s Speak in English

Beyond the political uses of Hindi is the inevitable language of the future

27 April 2017


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