Room Service 2.0

Diwan Gautam Anand

After Covid, if hospitality is not flexible, it will perish

Renaming Spree

Renaming Indore after the 18th century queen of the Maratha empire, Ahilyabai Holkar

More than a Derby

It’s time we took India’s greatest football rivalry to the world

A Passage to Varanasi

The philosophy and geography of soul cleansing

Saviour Complex

Why the idea of total war against a disease boomerangs

The Sublime Subversion of Ai Weiwei

Reading his memoir 1000 Years of Joys and Sorrows at a time when China's new helmsman threatens the world

The Landscape of the Novel

When nature rises to the level of a protagonist

Woke Americana

The uses and abuses of the extreme new progressivism

Mission Bangla

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants a good equation with Dhaka, and there is talk that Rajnath Singh will be going there soon

The Lady of the Maidan

A candy seller brings back memories of cricket’s romantic past


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