The Star Who Wore the Scarf of Eternity

MJ Akbar

Dev Anand wanted to live on the screen, sometimes with a switchblade in a hand, more happily with a song on his lips, and always with the certainty that life was worth every moment of existence. He knew the inevitability of death, but hated the cruelty of age. MJ Akbar remembers the evergreen hero on his centenary

Paying for Pricey Water

The worst kept secret in the film industry that few want to talk about

The Beauty of Grace

Dadasaheb Phalke awardee Waheeda Rehman brought in a unique passion to her roles in immortal movies

Gagan Dev Riar: Not Asking for Much

There’s no shortage of offers though

Have Influence, Will Act

Hindi cinema has long known that social media influencers can paper over any cracks in the narrative with their loyal followers

Shah Rukh Khan: Citizen Khan

The reinvention of Shah Rukh Khan as an action hero with a conscience

Smells Like the 2000s

Are we back in the early noughties?

“I’m In a Very Inspired State of Mind,” says Sobhita Dhulipala

Sobhita Dhulipala is having a banner year with roles ranging from an arms dealer’s lover to a royal companion to a desperate-for-success wedding planner

When Nepotism Works

At least for Jayant Digambar Somalkar who shot his first feature film

Vijay Varma: The Prince of Darkness

Why Vijay Varma stands out in a sea of play-safe actors


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