The Subcontinent at Ease

Siddharth Singh

A history of a brief window of cooperation casts an interesting light on India’s relations with Pakistan

Nowhere Man

In his novel about a Sri Lankan migrant in Australia, Aravind Adiga makes the reader care with his well-earned facts

Festival Insider

Namita Gokhale's true fiction about the most interesting and least known characters of a lit fest

An East-West Encounter

An anecdotal account of yoga’s journey from an ancient road to enlightenment to a wellness industry

The Dalit Who Got Out

Bhanwar Meghwanshi tells Bhavya Dore how he has become a non-Hindu

Nationalist Anthem

The Gandhian way of music

The Legend of Kuttanad

This many-layered novel, about a folk-hero and his fabulous moustache, examines the nature of story-telling— how people, animals and places can be kept alive through the narratives built around them

The Good Fight

How a woman reclaimed her life from an abusive marriage

An Equal Life

A manifesto for greater gender equality

Scientist as Socialist

Samanth Subramanian portrays the many lives of JBS Haldane to perfection


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