Peace of Mind

Nikita Doval

The booming online therapies for mental health

The World that Never Was

On the non-existent connection between single women, joint families and the mental health of societies

Destiny’s Doctors

Stories of six pioneering women

Eternal Seekers

A chronicle of female spiritual travellers

Fearing for her life, Afghan TV anchor wants to leave Afghanistan

Shabnam Khan Dawaran, whose video exposing the Taliban went viral, says she continues to receive death threats

Resistance and Resilience

Women characters in the Mahabharata push back against patriarchy in a new interpretation of the epic

Who’s fair game under the Taliban?

While the power elite are safe abroad, common folk of Afghanistan hope against hope that their worst fears don’t come true

Charulata: His Allegorical Women

When the woman made a radical choice, Ray was uncomfortable. He was more comfortable showing women taking a stand against institutional orthodoxy

Kitchen Confidential

Thousands of women-run home kitchens that popped up during the lockdown show no signs of going away

Feminist Manifestos

Meghan Markle, Chimamanda Adichie and Divya Iyer make women’s rights more meaningful in 2021


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