Kitchen Confidential

Ullekh NP

Thousands of women-run home kitchens that popped up during the lockdown show no signs of going away

Feminist Manifestos

Meghan Markle, Chimamanda Adichie and Divya Iyer make women’s rights more meaningful in 2021

‘We Are Working Towards Making Uttar Pradesh a $1 Trillion Economy’

Chief minister Yogi Adityanath on governance and growth in Uttar Pradesh

The Sacred Feminine

Tantric approaches to a misinterpreted goddess

Ladies of Digital Destiny

Women entrepreneurs hit by the pandemic take the virtual leap

The National Food Atlas: More Than A Mouthful

A new food atlas powered by the Ministry of Women and Child Development will help the country eat and produce better

Honour and Shame in Pakistan

Are things changing for the better?

Global Study on Indian Informal Sector Reveals Shocking Results

High economic growth rate has done very little for unorganized workers, especially women and lower castes

The Legend of Nangeli

She cut off her breasts to kill the male gaze

The Woman on the Balcony

Home as rebellion and respite


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