Fit for the Future

Madhavankutty Pillai

Get ready for slow cardio, employee wellness, weight loss drugs, and the coming of gene therapy

Talking Through Life

Young urban Indians are seeking therapy not only to recover from trauma but also to fit in

The Memory of Krishna

The returns from the hymn of peace range from wealth to wellness

The Ascent of Yoga

Its increasing popularity stems from an ability to evolve and is evident in the scale of International Day of Yoga events

The Gift of Sleep

Thoughtfully designed mattresses, silk pillowcases, sleep stories in local languages and herbal soporifics: why we are resetting our body clocks again

The Arterial Time Bomb

Are the 30s and 40s the new 60s for heart disease in India?

A Game of Numbers

Now you can monitor sugar levels continuously

Ayushman Bharat: Warning Symptoms

Telangana’s experience with its public health insurance scheme offers lessons for Ayushman Bharat

Travel Tips for Diabetics

The dos and don’ts when you cross time zones


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