Killers in the Mansions

Shylashri Shankar

Striking the right balance between suspense and complexity

The Art of Suspense

The Alfred Hitchcock toolkit to make thrillers

The Diminutive Detective

How beloved series characters spring into being

Paths of the Psychopath

Three thrillers reveal the emotional cost of coping with killers

Heart, Humour and Horror

When the killer is unveiled through a slow unveiling of emotions

Killers and Conscience

Can serial killers make a moral point?

Spot the Killer

Buried secrets in the labyrinth of family relationships

Remade in Urdu

When thrillers are adapted with local flavour

The View from the Rear Window

Do the retellings of Hitchcock maintain the suspense?

The Landscape of the Novel

When nature rises to the level of a protagonist


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