The Dirty Eleven

K Ashish

An undercover investigation by Cobrapost that employed clandestine cameras shows 11 MPs cutting across party lines, including of the Congress and BJP, offering to write letters of recommendation for a fictional foreign oil firm. Some helpfully offer the support of other MPs as well, and a lawmaker’s husband promises to approach Sonia Gandhi. The prices for these services range from Rs 50,000 to Rs 50 lakh

Spyware Is Everywhere

How spy gadgets are creating—and feeding—new paranoias

Go Forth and Sting

In 2005, two journalists caught 11 MPs on camera taking money to ask questions in Indian Parliament. It became one of the greatest TV exposés. But the journalists were soon hounded by the system and they suddenly found themselves described as the accused. In a landmark judgment last week, the Delhi High Court vindicated them by firmly defending sting journalism. Here, one of the journalists, explains what happens after you get a great story.


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