space exploration

ISRO Sets Eyes on the Sun

Madhavankutty Pillai

The sun might be a lonely star in the vast expanse of space but it requires all the minds of Earth to study it for common benefit

‘Our relations with agencies like NASA and ESA have become more equal’

In conversation with Jitendra Singh, Minister of State for Science and Technology

The New Space Order

India is the fourth country to land on the moon. It is the first to land near the lunar south pole. The failure of Russia’s Luna-25 just a few days earlier also played a part in ensuring India won this leg of the space race

India’s Spacewalk

The moonshot mirrors the country’s global profile

On the Moon

India joins the exclusive league of space superpowers with the soft-landing of its moon mission Chandrayaan-3 near the south pole of the lunar surface

India Is on the Moon

In the biggest-ever milestone for the Indian space programme, Chandrayaan-3 touches down on the surface on the moon

An Indian Space Odyssey

The space-defence ecosystem keeps India at the forefront of areas of technology to which only a handful of nations have access

2023: A Space Odyssey

Over a hundred startups are putting India on the road to becoming a major player in the global space economy. Their services range from building rockets, providing rideshares for micro and small satellites to launching space balloons for tourism, streaming live HD video from satellites and more

To the Moon and Beyond

With the launch of NASA’S Artemis, the race for space colonisation begins even as India waits and watches whom to partner with


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