Punjabi by Nature

Rachel Dwyer

A London exhibition explores the life and legacy of Ranjit Singh

The Survivors

Thirty stories that capture the essence of Punjabiyat

Modernising Personal Laws

India will not sacrifice its diversity under a uniform civil code

Comment Is Free

The Canadian prime minister's remarks on the farmers’ agitation add to his record on gaffes

Kavita Puri: Breaking the Silence

Kavita Puri chronicles the lives of migrants caught in double displacement

Sajjan Singh Rangroot Movie Review

Had the film a more generous budget for the battle scenes, the flaws in the screenplay may not have become so transparent

Punjab: Seeds of Secession

Punjab highlights the disasters that can arise when political unscrupulousness is mixed with religious fervour

Among the Non-Believers

The lives of Sikhs and Christians in Pakistan

Minorities and the Mob

A quarter of a century after 1984, the nature of the State remains a life-and-death matter for some of us.

Turban Cool

The classic Sikh headgear’s moment in the sun has arrived


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