short stories

A Search for Moorings

N Kalyan Raman

Short stories about the human struggle to follow an ethical path

From Bellary and Bangalore

Kannada author Vasudhendra’s short stories about city and village life are rife with cynicism and social satire

The Diplomat Does It

Investigative short stories with a philosophical undertone

The Anatomy of Outrage

Short stories etched in blood and honesty

Forbidden Intimacies

A debut short story collection from Pakistan lays bare power and desire

The Bloodlust

Short stories on the violence of big and small kinds

Masculine Feminine

An investigation of how modern male writers depict women in short stories

This Is Us

Anjum Hasan’s short stories are to be savoured for their quiet sophistication and power

Liminal State

A people caught between war and peace

Language Outreach

Urdu claims its rightful place as a voice of the people


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