Sheikh Abdullah

Shades of the Sheikh

Rajshree Chandra

A biography worthy of a morally ambiguous historical figure

In Praise of the Hindu Common Sense

The unravelling of secular intellectualism, from Kashmir to Ayodhya

The Union’s Symbol

Kashmir’s tryst with the Tricolour

The Mahatma and Kashmir

On the eve of the first anniversary of the abrogation of Article 370, let us remember Gandhi’s Churchillian moment in the face of Pakistani aggression

Kashmir’s Autonomy: The Valley of Flaws

The question of Kashmir’s autonomy has become a poisoned chalice

Kashmir: An Uneasy Jewel in the Indian Crown

Kashmir and the fallacy of the secularism argument

How the Pandit Lost the Valley

It was in 1953 that Kashmir’s estrangement from the Indian Union began. Blame it on Nehru

The Long Goodbye

This mother’s wait for her son began one Saturday evening in 1990. “That day, my bulbul just flew away,” she says.

Lost Lives and Blank Ballots

In terror-afflicted Kashmir, the tragedy-stricken will vote only if it helps them come to terms with their acute sense of loss


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