Shashi Tharoor

Country Report

Rrishi Raote

Inconsistent but illuminating essays on an India shifting right

In Defence of the Empire

Shashi Tharoor misses history for the sake of wounded national pride

Steve Smith: ‘I am more of a lover than a fighter’

Steve Smith and Ben Stokes talk about their game and passion

Good Joke, Bad Joke

Why Sehwag should now only use humour of the liberal variety

Books: Best of 2016

From the architecture of the gene to the oral histories of men and women in the former USSR, this year’s best books reveal what it is to be human

How Social Media Is Shaping the New Political Order

Media partners in the politics of change for better or worse

JLF 2016: Word at Your Feet

Stars, the star-struck and other delights and diversions at literature’s biggest carnival

Shaming the Empire

There is more to the history of the Indo-British encounter than Shashi Tharoor’s polished rhetoric


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