If Snooping is Scrutiny

Hartosh Singh Bal

A few suggestions on how surveillance may be put to good use

The Matrix Reloaded

Three years after the Mumbai attacks of 26/11, India’s response to terror remains unchanged

Google Streetview and India

The police say Google doesn’t have written permission from the Centre

I Want a Gun

Women who covet that weapon and other stories of a bold new pursuit

Memories of Another Visit

Between the Clinton and Obama visits, US perceptions of Indian security haven’t changed

Confessions of a Real Estate Builder

“Today, the land mafia has become very strong and is controlled by politicians. They will not hesitate to kill you. Personal security is a must”

Saving Our Neck

This narrow strip of territory in West Bengal is vulnerable to geopolitical strife that could give us national nightmares.

India This Week

Done In by the Chinese; Shaken by 26/11, Industry Worries about Security; Simmering Seven in the North-east; and Hindi Lesson for Raj from Tamil Nadu

The Untouchables

It’s a police force that let the nation down on 26 November 2008. The author spent months meeting the men in uniform, from the brass to the beat constable, to get a grip on what really is wrong with the Mumbai force. The answer is a story of incompetence, political venality, corruption, lack of equipment and motivation. This is a force that has AK-47s but can’t afford to load them with bullets. Yes, we need to be scared.


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