Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Star Trading

Rajeev Masand

Aamir’s U-Turn and Carping about Love

Why Bhansali Actually Dumped Salman

Janhvi’s Dream | Political Favourite

Sanjay Leela

The size of his ego proportionate to the size of his chest, Salman Khan refused to call the director to work out a truce

Being Salman

With a Heavy Heart | Cast Down

As Good as Your Word

Lucky Dog | Off-Screen Chemistry

Bhansali Pulls off a Coup

Aaryan Invasion Theory | A Sickening Encounter

The Perfect Impersonator

Clash of the Titans | The Desperate Filmmaker

Being Deepika Padukone

What makes her an Indian original

New Cop on the Block

Release Date Trouble | Nepotism Again

Padmavati: History as a Dispute

Blasts from the past strike modern India with unfailing regularity. The controversy over Padmavati focuses on the fact that what endangers freedom is the politicisation of protest in the name of freedom


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