Samajwadi Party

Return of the Brahmin

Kumar Anshuman

Who will win the race for the highest caste vote in UP? Kumar Anshuman reports on a community’s struggle to regain political glory

“Not caste but development will bring us back to power”: Akhilesh Yadav

The law and order of the state is always hyped up whenever a SP government comes to power, says UP Chief Minister

Being Akhilesh Yadav

The ruler of an unruly state

Who Will Catch the Rainbow?

The fragmentation of the OBC vote

The Dons of Poorvanchal: Lords of the Ring

The dons of Poorvanchal become the most sought-after in the political market of Uttar Pradesh

The Most Feared Man of Lucknow

Why Justice Mehrotra is India’s most effective Lokayukta

The Third Front Daydream

The Samajwadi Party’s emphatic win has revived an idea repeatedly proven untenable

Unfriendly Allies

The DMK and Samajwadi Party reaffirm their support to the Congress, but make it clear that all’s not well with the relationship

India This Week

Dynasty Politics Breaking JD-U Back; SP’s Golden Oldies; Civilian Dishonour?; Missing: Mark of a National Leader; Four Chief Ministers and a State


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