Reserve Bank of India

The Yaksha Who Deserves More Attention

Aritra Ghosh

Despite his stature in multiple faiths of India, Manibhadra is not given the importance he is due, argues Aritra Ghosh who sheds light on the depth of this nature spirit’s personality

The Race for the Future of Money

India joins the worldwide search for a digital alternative to cryptocurrency

The Democratic Pace of Reforms

Slow and steady change, with reasonable consensus, is more durable

Raghuram Rajan: ‘There’s anger at the elite’

Siddharth Singh in Open conversation with Raghuram Rajan

Urjit Patel: Futile Fight

RBI Governor Urjit Patel’s rebellion will go nowhere

The Nature of the Beast

It is necessary to privatise nationalised banks or at least bring down government shareholding to less than 50 per cent

The Great Indian Bank Robbery

It’s time for a wide range of reforms, with no option kept off the agenda, not even the privatisation of banks. Open takes a close look at what’s wrong and what can be done

A Tale of Two Indias

It’s no longer business as usual

Urjit Patel: Governor’s Rule

Urjit Patel is the first macroeconomist to take charge of RBI in over a decade. While there is no crisis, he faces challenges of a different kind


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