real estate

Life in the Housing Bubble

Madhavankutty Pillai

Alarm bells should ring when the IMF says that housing prices in India have fallen by 9 per cent

The Gameplan

Jaypee Sports, the local organiser of India’s Formula 1 extravaganza, will have a hard time making money. What the group is banking on is a real estate blueprint

Confessions of a Property Broker

“We get cheated a lot in rental deals. People get to know about the property and then finish the deal themselves”

Real Estate Must Get Real

There is hope that exposure of dodgy players will lead to a better market.

Confessions of a Real Estate Builder

“Today, the land mafia has become very strong and is controlled by politicians. They will not hesitate to kill you. Personal security is a must”

Business Briefing 12/09

The Indian real estate market; gold prices; Dalda's image makeover; and Abu Dhabi semiconductors

Going… Going… Still Going

Thanks to the economic downturn, Indians who’ve always dreamt of a fancy residence in London can get one cheap. Even Lakshmi Mittal has one on offer.


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