real estate

Privatise the Corporation

Mumbai’s municipal elections are pointless because the BMC is beyond redemption

Living: Geetansh Bamania, 27, Co-Founder Rentomojo

“People are very fixated on ownership. We are giving them a smarter option”

Office Space: Kaushal Sanghavi, 33 Founder Breathing Room

“If you point to an office randomly, I can bet there is a meetinOffice Space: Kaushal Sanghavi, 33 Founder Breathing Roomg room that is rarely being used”

PNC Menon: A Perfectionist at Home

From palaces for Middle Eastern royalty to homes for middle-class India, the journey of an empire builder with a social conscience

Life in the Housing Bubble

Alarm bells should ring when the IMF says that housing prices in India have fallen by 9 per cent


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