public health

A Shot in the Arm

Nikita Doval

Vaccine hesitancy in Rajasthan’s tribal communities threatened to derail even routine immunisation until innovative methods were devised

All About Managing Children with Chronic Diseases

A practitioner’s tips to handling boys and girls with rare diseases

Saviour Complex

Why the idea of total war against a disease boomerangs

Bracing for the New Variant

The world will be lucky if it turns out to be a mere Covid flu

The King’s Salvation

A lesson from 12th century Angkor Wat where its ruler Jayavarman VII prioritised public health and elevated it to worship

Ayushman Bharat: Warning Symptoms

Telangana’s experience with its public health insurance scheme offers lessons for Ayushman Bharat

A Course and a Correction

An affiliation for a degree earlier denied to Public Health Foundation of India by a pioneering medical institute leaves many questions unanswered. An Open investigation. The story was further updated on March 6, 2018.

Diabetes: A Bitter Truth

Overseas studies show a low-calorie diet helps in reversing diabetes. India too needs to fund domestic research to combat its biggest health scourge

Vivek Murthy, Surgeon General of the United States

Murthy had in the past asked for a ban on assault weapons, citing guns and bullets as a threat to public health


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