The Culture Quotient

Amita Shah

The G20 summit is the culmination of India’s decade-long attempts to leverage its soft power on the world stage

Playing Smart

The most high-tech sporting event in history promises to be also the most secure football experience ever

Permanent Vigil

The government is taking no chances

How Ill Is India’s Health Sector?

With government hospitals overburdened, bottomlines of private ones wiped out, and an insurance system that seems to be unable to wrap its head around the pandemic, Covid-19 has laid bare India’s health infrastructure

Mumbai Notebook

Fire safety as an afterthought

Time for Snowmanship

South Korea wants to make the grandest Winter Olympics ever. Lhendup G Bhutia in Pyeongchang reports on the preparations

India’s Ragtag Army

It is low on money, officers, equipment and strategic vision. It just does not seem to have what it takes to fight a war—and win.


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