The War of the Images

Badri Narayan

Why the General Election is no longer about competing narratives

At Sword’s Point

Fencing is warming up to small-town India

NTR: He Dared to Play God In Politics—and Won

Revisiting the NTR mystique on his centenary

Joe Biden: The Unchosen One

Few like the White House incumbent but many will vote for him again

Rooting for the Rooters

Give fans what they want and they will help Indian football

Why BJP Wins the Poor

It learned from the European experience that status war matters more than class war

Sean Connery (1930-2020): Oh James!

That was the frequent lament of the women onscreen whenever Sean Connery's 007 appeared. More often than not, it was justified

Uniform Behavioural Code

What undermines Modi and his message is not the grievance of a signature but the violence and vulgarism of religious vigilantes

Modi Versus Not Being Modi

They tell us a lot about how bad the chowkidar is but nothing about how good they are

Chinese Apps: Swipe Red

Chinese apps have become so popular in India that they are strong competitors to Facebook and Instagram


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