The State of Stability

Siddharth Singh

India is nowhere near Sri Lanka’s or Pakistan’s financial predicament

‘Musharraf’s Undoing: Playing Politics While Maintaining his Military Swagger’

Historian and author Ayesha Jalal in conversation with Ullekh NP

A New Sharif in Islamabad

The Pakistani prime minister will continue to be the army’s tenant

Shehbaz Sharif: The Man from Raiwind

A pragmatic Pakistani prime minister does not mean improved relations with India

Inside Imran’s Anti-Americanism

How a playboy embarked on his quest for an Islamic utopia

The Ball Swings India’s Way

New Delhi keeps away from the turmoil in Pakistan, preferring to watch from a distance the steady ebbing of Islamabad’s strategic clout

Imran Khan: The Reckoning

Imran Khan had one ingrained virtue. He was breathtakingly sincere. But good intentions do not constitute good governance. Like an amateur, he overestimated his abilities when he needed wile or guile as strategy. On his day of judgment, Imran compared his predicament to that of Imam Hussain. The messiah may be faltering, but the messiah complex is alive and well

The Order of the Victim

How the politics of inversion unites Putin and Imran

The Generals and Their Puppet

In November 2021, Imran Khan took a fatal misstep when he thought he could actually pick his own ISI chief

Her Body, Her Choice

Where the hijab is not mandatory—and why


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