Tarshito: On the Sacred Trail

Noor Anand Chawla

The Italian artist Tarshito works with practitioners of folk forms to break cultural barriers. In a new exhibition he plumbs Indian traditions

Collector’s Conscience

Kiran Nadar is already into her next museum


A cultural portrait of the Indian cat

Now and Ever

A family in Rajasthan revives a dying folk art form by combining age-old techniques with modern themes

A Museum of Memories

A multimedia space to preserve the legacy of Partition

Atul Dodiya: Play and Pause

Atul Dodiya freezes moments from the films of yesteryear in his signature realistic style

Future Forests

India Art Fair 2023 with the most ambitious offering to date brings together new technologies and traditional folk art

Shaurya Kumar: Memories of the Altar

Through his mixed media practice, Shaurya Kumar questions divinity and the loss of historical objects

Anupam Sud: A Printmaker’s Passion

Anupam Sud plays with the human form to tell a sinister story

Arunima Choudhury: Natural Flair

How Arunima Choudhury has become an exponent of sustainable aesthetics


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