Pheroza J Godrej: Mumbai’s Gallerist

Shaikh Ayaz

The gallery she started fifty years ago made her an indispensable part of the city’s art scene. Pheroza J Godrej is still looking for young storytellers

The Quiet Patriotism of Ravi Varma

Funded by maharajahs, admired by moderates while also welcoming the extremist vision, in his domain, the artist manifested a nationalism of his own

A Brush with AI

Artists are using algorithms, sensors and augmented reality to speak of fragility and permanence

The State of the Mind

A large-scale exhibition foregrounds the individual practices of 267 artists who trace their roots to Kerala

‘Bleed Out Your Truth’

Vismaya Mohanlal’s debut collection of poems and paintings reflects her search for meaning and identity

Mortal City

Architect and artist Gautam Bhatia elaborates on the sequence of life from birth to death to rebirth in over 200 paintings

Jatin Das: The Lone Ranger

Jatin Das speaks to Shaikh Ayaz about his lockdown works

How Writer Krishan Chander Inspired the ‘Father of Kyrgyz Art’

Soviet artist Semyon Chuikov visited India twice in the 1950s and fell in love with the people of the country. He tried to depict what he called the “poetic, beautiful and noble soul” of the Indian people in his paintings

Waswo X Waswo: The Observationist

The whimsical brilliance and self-deprecatory humour of Waswo X Waswo

Inside Out

Three artists explore the changing relationship among the individual, the city and the home


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