Streaming Smart: Not Guilty

Grim Picture | In Case You Missed It

The Unbearable Lightness of Bollywood

Does the Hindi film industry have a story to tell?

Netflix: Slow Motion

The streaming giant loses subscribers for the first time in a decade

The Analog Man

Manoj Bajpayee keeps reinventing himself

The Streaming Star

The elemental intensity of Manoj Bajpayee makes him a class act on the big screen and a formidable force on OTT. The art and attitude of an original

Regional movies are more national than national movies, says Manoj Bajpayee

Manoj Bajpayee speaks to Ullekh NP on a range of subjects from OTT to astrology, Bihar to spies. Excerpts:

The Mughal Fetish

In one of their enduring obsessions, Hindi shows and films either exoticise or vilify Muslim rulers

Two Is a Family

Nearly two decades after their first indie film, and with a triumphant second season of The Family Man to their credit, Raj and DK are now Bollywood’s quirkiest storytellers

The Future of Entertainment

The pandemic has changed the art and mart of movies. Forever?


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