Say It again with a Rosogolla in the Mouth

Sunanda K Datta-Ray

As Odisha makes a historical claim over the sweet, please remember that Bengali cuisine has been as peripatetic as Bengalis

The Enduring Mystique of Naveen Patnaik

As the Odisha Chief Minister is all set for a fourth term, Ullekh NP, travelling across the state, finds out why one of India’s suavest politicians is the smartest as well

‘I am still searching for a place to call home’

What impacted me even more than growing up with art and culture was growing up with freedom and the space to question—this has had a profound impact on my choices, my values and the person I am

Vedanta’s Mining Mess

A local journalist in Odisha videotapes a local protest at Vedanta’s construction site, a public hearing and an inspection by the state pollution board

The Final Battle of Sabyasachi Panda

Odisha’s top Maoist commander raises a huge stink in the Maoist establishment. The party reacts by expelling him

The Red Abduction Factory

Abductions have become the standard operating procedure of Naxal-Maoist insurgents, even as the Government flounders to formulate its own

The Lie of the Land

An investigation finds Odisha state government ministers misusing their discretionary quota to allot land to judges and bureaucrats

After the Flood

There are no OB vans covering the crisis in Odisha. And the government’s response is terribly inadequate

The Great Iron Ore Heist

The Posco project in Odisha is not just about violation of human rights or an ecological disaster. It is a brazen example of how the country’s high and mighty are shifting goalposts to favour a powerful foreign multinational corporation


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