Thich Nhat Hanh (1926-2022): Active Mindfulness

The monk sought to use the principles of Buddhism for social and political reform

Birju Maharaj (1937-2022): The Feet of God

He could portray Krishna and choreograph Bollywood dances with equal felicity

Sindhutai Sapkal (1948-2022): Everyone’s Mother

How a woman who was once a beggar became a saviour of orphans

General Bipin Rawat (1958-2021): An Officer and a Gentleman

He will surely be missed as the country braces to strengthen its military prowess

Sidharth Shukla (1980-2021): The Family Man

TV dreamboat was a symbol of accessible masculinity

An Unlikely Rockstar: Charlie Watts (1941-2021)

The understated Rolling Stones drummer kept the band together and gave it a steady rhythm

The Mythology of Being

A civilisational mind. An Indophile. A scholar publisher. An unwavering liberal. A generous friend. Remembering Roberto Calasso

Dilip Kumar (1922-2021): The Original

With the flicker of an eyelash, an artfully displaced lock of hair, a careful modulation of his voice, he could make women swoon and men weep. Muhammed Yusuf Khan was the last of a gilded trinity that defined an era

KR Gouri (1919-2021): The Lady Who Dared

A law graduate, Gouri was a true visionary of Kerala. Her vision of governance was shaped by her understanding of her fellow citizens


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