Nitish Kumar

Modi steals show for BJP, again

Amita Shah

After 15 years in power, Nitish Kumar’s party seemed to be slipping to the third position in the seat after the RJD and the BJP, as counting went late into the night

Nitish Kumar’s Trump Card

He had changed what was considered the accepted wisdom in Bihar’s political circles

Nitish Parivar

He has been critically dependent on the BJP

Amit Shah: New Avatar

He is taking his time to come out in his new avatar

Old Favourite

In an attempt to create a wave in favour of the Janata Dal (United)- BJP alliance, Modi is all set to address as many as 12 rallies, three in a day

In the Name of the Father

Two sons and the burden of inheritance

Bihar 2020

Nitish Kumar has his image to flaunt and political momentum on his side, thanks to a formidable partnership with the BJP which wants to leave nothing to chance

In Agreement

Nitish Kumar thinks that a delay in Bihar’s election would mean imposition of President’s Rule, which may not be good for him

Bengal Conundrum

If the Centre were to postpone elections in Bihar with Nitish Kumar, its ally, continuing on as caretaker Chief Minister, can it opt for another route in Bengal?

Social Plank

The Bihar CM seems to have changed tack with the onset of the pandemic and is using Facebook and Twitter to the hilt


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