Nitish Kumar

Band of Beleaguered Brothers

Kumar Anshuman

The struggle for a united opposition to the resurgent BJP falls apart in the absence of a leader or a slogan

Nitish Kumar: Savvy Survivor

Nitish Kumar is cozying up to Modi. Why?

Shahabuddin: “What Should I Kill People For? My Ego?”

An unrepentant Shahabuddin returns home and the rift in Bihar’s ruling coalition gets wider

A Dry Run in Bihar

The cost of Nitish Kumar’s prohibition raj

Prohibition Law: Drunk When Drafted

An explanation for the absurdities of Bihar’s stringent prohibition law

GST: The Life and Times of a Bill

The travails of the GST Bill bring out the best and the worst of Indian politics. Will Congress buckle under isolation?

From Court to House

As national parties increasingly find themselves fighting legal battles, influential lawyers walk away with Rajya Sabha nominations

Prashant Kishor: Spin and Win

The country's favourite poll meister, he is an assiduous kingmaker who does not waste his pawns

Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad: The Fraying of Brotherhood

What has gone wrong between Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad?


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