Nitish Kumar

Guessing Games


Modi has displayed a capacity for springing surprises

Did Upset Nitish Spoil INDIA `Optics’?

Despite JD(U) denials Bihar CM’s early departure from the Bengaluru Opposition enclave fuels speculation

A Call to Arms

Can the grand alliance of the Opposition survive its inbuilt contradictions before taking on the ruling coalition led by Modi at his peak?

The Biden-Modi Connection

Biden has been far less ‘ideological’ than many other US presidents and sees a genuine need to build common ground with India

Opposition Meet Postponed

Because of absence of key Congress and other Opposition leaders

A Whiff of Mandal

The Opposition’s demand for a caste-based census is a desperate gambit to splinter Modi’s Hindu constituency

Nitish’s Misplaced Mission

It will take more than the Bihar chief minister’s enthusiasm to ensure opposition unity

Taiwan Question

China’s calculations have a strong bearing on Indian interests as prioritising Taiwan could mean relatively less attention on the Himalayan borders with India

Modi’s Global Order

A sound and credible analysis of the Modi government’s policies

Elections 2024: K Chandrashekhar Rao, Nitish Kumar promise more freebies

Special category status to states is a grab for more money from the Centre


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