Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar: In Good Company

PR Ramesh

Nitish Kumar retains power in the new NDA government in Patna. The blow to Congress and opposition unity is irreversible

The Road to 2019

From the election of Ram Nath Kovind as the next President to the unravelling in Bihar to the impending Supreme Court verdict on triple talaq, Modi sets the terms for the big battle even as the Congress sinks deeper into irrelevance

Nitish Kumar: Breaking Free

The grand alliance of Bihar begins to unravel as Nitish Kumar loses patience with his wily partner

All the President’s Mien

A brief history of the interface between the ceremonial and the political


The battle for the next President

Band of Beleaguered Brothers

The struggle for a united opposition to the resurgent BJP falls apart in the absence of a leader or a slogan

Nitish Kumar: Savvy Survivor

Nitish Kumar is cozying up to Modi. Why?

Shahabuddin: “What Should I Kill People For? My Ego?”

An unrepentant Shahabuddin returns home and the rift in Bihar’s ruling coalition gets wider

A Dry Run in Bihar

The cost of Nitish Kumar’s prohibition raj

Prohibition Law: Drunk When Drafted

An explanation for the absurdities of Bihar’s stringent prohibition law


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